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Shelving, Delis, Hot Food And Various Merchandisers To Get Your Products In The Hands Of Your Customer


Fortier offers a wide variety of gondola display shelving ideas from many of the nation's top manufacturers. What once was considered more of a standard merchandising fixture with limited colors, designs and shelving options has now become much more flexible and contemporary, in order to keep with the styles and themes of today's convenience stores.

Shelving units can now be purchased with pegboard or metal slat wall back panels, base shelves with storage options included, and an array of color options that will allow them to not only be functional but stylish as well.


Floor merchandising is becoming more and more popular in the convenience store environment. Customers are attracted to the highly lit stage that island and wall refrigerated cases provide. Contemporary LED lighting, directed airflow and current style design help promote your products, and provide both storage and easy access to your customers.

Fortier provides island and wall deli cases from the world's top manufacturers of refrigerated merchandising equipment. Whether you are looking for a full island deli, or a smaller footprint deli end cap, Fortier can help.


Hot prepared food has grown exponentially in convenience stores across the country over the last decade. Next to hot and cold beverages, hot food provides you a high profit option, that also draws customers into your store for a quick snack, or a full meal.

Hot dog grills, bun warmers, counter top hot delis and merchandisers for fried chicken, pizzas and quick snacks allow you to compete not only for the staple business of your convenience store location, but give you the opportunity to develop a food brand exclusive to you.

Let Fortier help you become a major player in the hot food merchandising market!

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