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Sinks, Hand Dryers and Baby Changing Stations For Your Restrooms


Fortier supplies conventional and traditional styles of sinks, soap dispensers and hand washing equipment for your convenience store restrooms. We also provide the latest technological advances in bathroom lavatories, such as touchless all-in-one sinks, dispensers, and hand dryers. Due to their complete hands-free operation, these models provide top quality service with a very low probability of cross-contamination.

Stylish basins and highly calibrated infrared technology are built to impress your customers, and assure them that cleanliness is your top priority.


Fortier offers a variety of hand dryer options for your store restrooms. Today's hand dryers allow for a hygienic drying solution that includes HEPA filtration systems (proven to remove 99.97% of potentially present bacteria at 0.3 microns from air), antimicrobial wall guards - designed to protect walls from water and inhibit growth of bacteria, and typically use 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers from the past. Many of the dryers we supply have a drying time of only 8 seconds per cycle! Dryers include adjustable speed and sound control, adjustable heat control, and boast a less than 1% failure rate. Plus, hand dryers cut down on paper waste and keep your restrooms looking cleaner.


What restroom would be complete without baby changing stations? These changing tables provide a safe and secure area to take care of your smallest customers. Fortier provided stations boast a sleek design and color palette that matches modern restroom design and décor. Our Baby Changing Stations are constructed of polypropylene and have a unibody steel chassis for superior strength. The steel-on-steel hinge has greater resistance to wear and improved durability and the gas spring mechanism ensures smooth open and close of the unit. The dual liner cavity with lock minimizes operator refills and discourages potential vandalism. These products include child protection straps and bag hooks.

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