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Cabinets And Counters That Support Your Convenience Store's High Profit Centers


The success of your convenience store or retail operation requires high profitability. One of your store's highest profit centers is your beverage wall. Whether you are merchandising fountain drinks, frozen beverages, coffee or hot beverages, you need cabinetry and counters that will be able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. The durable, high quality cabinets and counter materials that Fortier offers will stand the test of time, and offer contemporary style and enduring quality, even after years of use. Trash containers, cup dispensers and condiment tray options allow for flexibility of utilization for your beverage wall area. Counter top options in stainless and painted metals, and a variety of solid surface options will allow you to turn your beverage area into an appealing addition that will keep your customers coming back.


Convenience stores have come a long way from the days of simply providing fuel, cigarettes and snacks. Today's convenience stores are evolving into full service travel stops, and food offerings are becoming more and more popular at many locations. From hot dogs, pizza and chicken strips to gourmet sandwiches and even sushi, food options are becoming major pieces to the successful convenience store puzzle.

Fortier offers the same quality cabinets and counter top options for island installations, that we provide for both cashier counters and beverage bar solutions. Cabinets can be built to accommodate microwaves, packaging storage, condiments and more. Our island cabinet offerings can turn your open floor space into a huge profit center.


Fortier can combine the quality and durability of the cabinet and counter systems we provide with custom built shrouds and graphics to develop a fountain wall centerpiece for your store's high profit beverage program.

Fountain walls will catch the eye of your customers, and provide a versatile and virtually endless opportunity for you to provide as many soft drinks, sport drinks, or other cold drink options as you choose. Some customers merchandise up to 40-60 flavors at once! 

Shroud walls can be built to accommodate cup dispensers, lid and straw dispensers, even dome-lids for frozen beverages. With so many graphics options available, we can help promote whatever theme you would like with your own custom fountain wall.

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